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The Apple announcement this week about iBooks Author - the new app for Mac will allow educators to create and distribute multimedia interactive books for their students. The wide range of flexibility of ePub over PDF documents allows students to engage in directed reading activities with multiple options that include:
  • Highlighting words and sentences
  • Make Notes on page 
  • Look-up words in the dictionary
  • Search for the word on the Internet 
  • Write and Create Your Own eBooks
  • Create, Store & Share eBooks
  • Make Books Interactive/Audio/Video
  • Create & Organize You Library   
iBooks has been in the past limited in each of the formats due to lack of flexibility in the formatting of objects within the text . Anyone could produce these documents and store them in their ibook library but the books themselves were not fluid or interactive. Pages did provide some flexibility in authoring multimedia embeds but were both cumbersome and lacked the fluid responses when selecting objects. You can select the link below to test drive my first publication using iBooks Author. 

Free online e-Books for iPad by Mike King:
The following list of books are created for iBooks 2. Please follow the recommended steps below when loading an iBook to your iBook library.

  • STEP ONE: In order for you to open the iBook link below you must first upgrade you ibooks library iApp to iBooks 2. (Select this Link to Upgrade
  • STEP TWO: Select the iBook link to start your ibook upload 
  • STEP THREE: Select Download Tab and wait until the .iBooks appears and select "Open in iBooks" 
  • STEP FOURWait about three to four minutes and the iBook will appear in your iBooks Library by opening into a media file. 
  • STEP FIVE: Enjoy the contents of your new iBook by opening selected charts, viewing photograph galleries, playing audio and video files.

Current iBook Titles are Listed Below (Look for A New Title Each Week)

e-Pub Resources:
  • Free online file converter lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another Online-Converter.com
  • Create ePubs (supports multi-media) and/or publish your own eBooks with ePubBud, $5 per ISBN 
  • Create ePub files from PDFs and other doc types "while you wait"2ePub.com (free online converter)
  • Open source software for Mac or Windows: Bookbin
  • From Google, a WYSIWYG ePub editor: Sigil

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